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Rovensa Group is a global leader in sustainable solutions for agriculture, which includes Crop Protection, Bionutrition and Biocontrol solutions that help the farmers in producing safe, healthy and nutritious food for all. ​

Supporting our mission of contributing to feed the planet, our 2800 employees in more than 30 countries work to lead a change in the food production system, through a well balanced agriculture. The objective is to preserve and improve the health of the soil and the environment, in order to produce safer food for human health. ​

At Rovensa Group you have the possibility to be part of a diverse group in its businessess, markets and geographies where we operate. You will also have the opportunity to work with very heterogeneous profiles of people and teams, enhancing your personal and professional growth.​

You will find a teamwork environment based on trust, commitment and collaboration, where we defend proximity to our costumers and our People. We defend “boots on the ground”, a determining
factor in being able to respond to the demands and challenges that we face every day. ​


Let’s grow together!​

Join Rovensa in this innovative,
challenging and engaging program. 


By becoming part of Rovensa’s trainees program, you will have the opportunity to get to know a diverse and growing International Group, and to develop in-depth knowledge in various business areas in different geographies. ​

Through this experience you will be able to grow new competences and work with diverse profiles, in heterogenous teams, enhancing your personal and professional growth.​


What is the talent are we looking for?

If you are a recent graduate with a master’s degree  (or have a maximum of 2 years of experience), in the areas of management, finance, accounting, economic, computing, engineering, sustainability or similar and you have a strong desire to learn new areas, you are curious, you want to do more and better in creative way, do not hesitate to apply for this excellent opportunity.

It is also important that you like to communicate and work in collaboration with others and that you speak English fluently. If you speak another language, like Spanish, French or Italian, even better. ​

And of course, has technology is part of our life, it is very important that you know how to efficiently use the basic tools of any organization (excel, word, powerpoint, etc.) and that you have a desire to learn many more, as SAP.

How do you apply? 

We want to receive your applications.
Send us your CV within the following dates: ​

All candidates will receive feedback during the selection process.

Do you want to know more about the program?​

Selected trainees will begin the program on the October 3, 2022 and complete it in June 2023​.

What you can expect from our program:​

Welcome aboard
New employee onboarding​
Interactive Learning Experience
Interactive presentation of the company and the business​
Inside Operations
Immersive experience in manufacturing and commercial areas, in several geographies
Deep Dive into Welcoming Areas
Work project in the host areas of the program​
Show and Tell
Presentation of a final project to company’s top leadership​

What do we have to offer?

•  Experience in a leading multinational company in solutions for sustainable agriculture​

•  Continuous learning in a corporate environment

•  Very well structured internship plan​

•  Detailed knowledge of the various areas of the organization

•  Work experience in 2 different business areas​

  Execution of individual and team projects

•  Proximity with the top management team

•  International visits that allow global knowledges of the business

•  Mentoring program​

•  Development of soft and hard skills​

•  Opportunity to integrate the company at the end of the program (according to your performance and company necessities)​


Get to know the team that will welcome and guide you in this challenge! ​

Hosting areas: Planning and Control, Finance, Procurement, IT and Sustainability



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